Pets With Compatible Zodiac Signs: When It’s A Purrfect Match

As the proud owner of two ginger cats, I can say without preservation that their happiness is of the utmost importance to me. For many cat owners, you know that there are times when cats simply cannot get along. For myself, my rescue Maine Coon mix, Mr. Purple, generally gets along fine with other pets, including cats. He is rather docile and not bothered by much–typical to his breed. When I adopted him in December of 2013, his paperwork stated that his birthday was July 22, 2013, making him a Cancer. He has always been true to his sign, a sensitive pet that is extremely loyal, and undoubtedly a “velcro” cat that prefers to remain nearby. He is by no means a loner, and is ultimately happiest when he is in our presence–or happily curled up near me, or on me! I had been catless for 2.5 years, after losing my cat, and my heart was ready to reopen and welcome a new feline into my home. I’d always had a love for Maine Coon cats, and it was love at first site for me when I saw his photo online with a local rescue group. He had to be mine! December 22, 2013, we welcomed Mr. Purple into our home and our hearts. (If you’re wondering, my then two-year-old named him that because it was her favorite color at the time.)

Cancer (June 22 – July 23)

If your pet is moody and unpredictable at times, well, you can see why now! Your Cancer pet can be very attached at times and their sensitive nature can make them a bit shy towards others. You may find that these loyal and “velcro” pets prefer time with you at home and don’t do well in your absence. But know that you as their owner is what makes their world go round.

On February 6, 2017, the day after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, I went to Petsmart and instantly fell in love with a crazy, erratic ginger tabby that was doing zoomies all over his glass containment kennel. His name was Bentley, given to him by his foster cat mom, but from the minute he came home with me he became Tom Brady Kitty. He truly is the greatest ginger tabby of all time, if you ask me! We don’t call him anything but Tom, and clearly his moniker hasn’t gotten to his head. According to Tom’s adoption paperwork, his birthday was listed as May 2, 2016, making him a Taurus.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

A bull is the ruler of Taurus, and this may mean your pet with this sign is headstrong. They are known for being compassionate, and there may be a chill streak in them that likes to loaf around. A Taurus pet may prefer a snuggle session with you on the couch over playtime. But be careful, they might be a lovebug, but they certainly have a stubborn nature about them that can get them into trouble sometimes.

I will say, I was initially worried to see how my new blended cat family would behave in each other’s presence, but I was astounded by how easily the transition went for my new pair of ginger cats. Within less than a week, the two were inseparable–and have been ever since. Tom is much different than his housemate, Mr. Purple, more true to your typical cat that is easily alarmed by new people, strange noises, or sudden movements. One thing is certain for Tom, he is incredibly headstrong, because if he wants something–he’s going to get it!

And although he is sometimes distant towards humans, he is a fierce hunter and extremely attached to me, as well as my son. I find it most interesting because Tom can sometimes be reluctant to come around my two oldest children, who worship the ground he walks on, but my youngest child, who lives with Autism, he adores madly. It brings me great joy to watch them together, and I love how much of a sweetheart Tom is to his favorite tiny human–even letting him examine his whiskers and gently hold his paws. Animals really do have a way of knowing how to connect with those who need it most!

Given the photos above, it’s clear to see that my two cats compliment each other purrfectly. Is this just chance? Fate, perhaps? Taking a closer look at their zodiac signs makes me believe that this is not just a strange coincidence. The Taurus and the Cancer are a purrfect match based off their zodiac signs, and often when these two meet it’s a match made in astrology heaven. Taurus is ruled by Venus (Love) and Cancer is ruled by the Moon (Emotions). And surprisingly enough, the Cancer and the Taurus represent the gentlest pairing of the zodiac–awww! Now this explains all the cuddling. Tom is able to show his softer side around Mr. Purple, and I often find them together, with Tom kneading Purp’s fluffy belly. One thing is certain, these two “knead” each other, furever.

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