How Pet Astrology Can Strengthen Your Bond With Your Pet

What is it about astrology that has the power to shape our lives? Although some naysayers may argue that astrology isn’t “real”, it seems that science actually dispels that accusation because there is, in fact, a science behind astrology.

And more so, people have been practicing astrology since the ancient times. Certainly something that long-lasting isn't just make-believe.

The purpose of astrology is to gain better understanding of ourselves and the natural world around us, by following your sign of the zodiac and the shifting planets. Most people rely on astrology to gain insight or generate expectations about future events to come–so why can’t you do the same for your pet?

There is much evidence surrounding astrology from people who feel that the practice has worked for them. Let it work for your feline or fido just as it has for mankind for centuries.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at What Astrology is…

Definition: The ancient practice of studying the movements and positions of the sun, moon,planets, and stars in the belief that they influence human behavior

Astrology: Discovered or Invented?

The earliest reliable evidence of astrology comes from the Venus Tablet compiled at least 3,500 years ago. Over a 21-year period the Venus cycle was inscribed in cuneiform script onto a clay tablet. It was part of a series found in Babylon that set out omens based on celestial phenomena (Hobson 2009). From these early records, it is clear that astrology and astronomy were developing together into a proto-science.

How Astrology Became What We Know it as Today…

Over time, these dedicated researchers built up the first known database. From their meticulous observations, they developed mathematical, astronomical and astrological theories and models using the same level of rigour. Analysis of their data enabled them to predict eclipses from their discovery of the 18-year Saros cycle (Neugebauer 1991). Meanwhile, the foundations of modern astrology were established empirically. The Babylonians derived the nature of the planets, the twelve signs of the zodiac and the birth chart. They also pursued early theories about sign rulership and elements. These academics are generally considered to be the first scientists.

So, naturally, pet astrology–AKA Pawstrology–exists so that our precious pets can reap the same benefits from astrology that we humans do.

How following pet astrology can strengthen your bond with your pet:

  • Gain insight into the mind behind those cute ears and twitching whiskers

Based off your pet’s zodiac sign, you will find that there are common characteristics that pets share based off their specific date of birth. By knowing this, it may better explain and unlock hidden meanings behind your pet’s behavior. We know certain people are a certain way based off their zodiac sign, and our cats and dogs are mammals just like us so the same is applies to them!

  • Have an Opportunity to be Better Prepared or Look Forward to Things to Come

Many believe that the possible predictions of events to come by following astrology can help you to plan your future or understand impending events. You are your pets #1 fan, now see what lies ahead for your four-legged-friend.

  • You Don’t Speak The Same Language–But Now You Can!

Let’s face it, we all wish our dogs and cats could talk to us. It’s been scientifically proven that talking to your pets is a sign of social intelligence and also benefits their health. By following Pawstrology, you can talk to your pet and tell them about things to come, cheer them up on days when they are expected to be blue, or share their positive energy when all their stars are aligning just right.

Every pet parent wants their pet to have a life full of love and to share a bond that can’t be broken. And at Pawstrology, we want to help you do just that. Find out more by clicking here!