Astrology For Pets: Is There A Difference?

Obviously cats and dogs are mammals just like us. We share similar traits yet we also have stark differences. But when it comes to astrology, there is no reason why the way it works for us cannot work for them as well.

“The astrology chart, to me, is the fingerprint of life—it shows you the basic personality. And, of course, that works with animals as well as people,” explains astrologer and mystic Elizabeth Joyce.

I have a confession, for several years I wasn’t sure about astrology. My oldest sister is an avid believer, and endless resource in all things related to the topic. We were having a deep conversation last year and she told me that astrology changed her life for the better in many ways. It helped her to understand more about her life and explain the hidden meanings behind things that were occurring that she couldn’t understand. She had two dogs who she followed astrology for as well, an Aries and a Cancer. She knew, without a doubt, that her dogs were true to their signs as they behaved in accordance to the common core characteristics that defined their zodiac signs.

Her Aries dog was persistent, bold, creative and a total sassy pants–she was determined to get what she wanted, when she wanted it, how she wanted it. I think my fondest memory of her was the time when we were sitting in her living room, on the floor beside the sofas chatting, and this tiny floof ball jumped right at her face and landed at her neck because she wanted to be with her.

Her other dog, Max, preferred to pass his time at home, always nearby. Every time I would come visit her, he would find his way into the guest room and hop on the bed to sleep by my feet. He really was happiest when he was near his people, basking in their presence. He was calm, centered, and just an all around “good boy” type of dog. Although they crossed the rainbow bridge not long ago, they will always hold a special place in her heart for the countless memories they shared.

The point of all this? Astrology for humans can apply for pets, in the exact same way. The difference is, they need us, their devoted humans, to decode it for them. I know for myself and my sister, following astrology has helped to strengthen the bond that we share with our pets, and given us smiles and laughter and made us think about what is going on in the mind of our beloved pets.

Some believe that astrology compatibility works with pets just as it does with humans, but there is no reason why anyone cannot get along with any other being of a certain sign. Sure, there are some signs that are perfect matches for each other, like a fiery Aries and a water sign such as a Pisces, and then others that may clash–like two of the same signs.

Remember, for most pets, you are the center of their universe. Even when it doesn’t seem that way, it is most often true–although we all know that cats aren’t the best at showing you that at times.

It makes purrfect sense to follow the stars and planets to see what’s in store for your best fur friend, and at Pawstrology, the site just for pet astrology, we’re here to help you do just that. Find out more by clicking here!