How The Full Moon Can Affect Your Pet

Since ancient times, many have reported bizarre behaviors when the moon is at its fullest for a three day period during each lunar cycle. These intense and unexplained effects when the moon is full have left many to wonder about this powerful luminary that brightens our evening sky.

Fact: Lunacy and lunatic stem from luna, the Latin word for moon. And because of this, it is believed that people are more likely to show erratic behavior during a full moon.

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Pet Astrology Can Transform Your Relationship With Your Pet. Let Us Show You How!

What is it about astrology that has the power to shape our lives? While there will always be naysayers that argue astrology isn’t “real,” science defies their accusations—and it’s been doing it for thousands of years. Cynics can say what they want, but there is, in fact, a science behind astrology.

People have been practicing astrology since the ancient times. Certainly, something that has lasted this long is more than make-believe.

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Pet Astrology: Understanding The 12 Zodiac Signs

Even if you don’t know much about astrology, I’m sure you are aware of what a zodiac sign is. These “houses” are divided into twelve segments with “signs” which we know as signs of the zodiac. These houses go in an exact order, with the first house starting at Aries (March 21 – April 20) running through Pisces (February 19 – March 20). Each zodiac sign has a unique identity, similarities for people/pets who fall under that certain sign, strengths, weaknesses and a symbol that defines them. Get to know these zodiac symbols, as they are often used in place of their name.

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Pets With Compatible Zodiac Signs: When It’s A Purrfect Match

As the proud owner of two ginger cats, I can say without preservation that their happiness is of the utmost importance to me. For many cat owners, you know that there are times when cats simply cannot get along. For myself, my rescue Maine Coon mix, Mr. Purple, generally gets along fine with other pets, including cats. He is rather docile and not bothered by much–typical to his breed. When I adopted him in December of 2013, his paperwork stated that his birthday was July 22, 2013, making him a Cancer. He has always been true to his sign, a sensitive pet that is extremely loyal, and undoubtedly a “velcro” cat that prefers to remain nearby. He is by no means a loner, and is ultimately happiest when he is in our presence–or happily curled up near me, or on me! I had been catless for 2.5 years, after losing my cat, and my heart was ready to reopen and welcome a new feline into my home. I’d always had a love for Maine Coon cats, and it was love at first site for me when I saw his photo online with a local rescue group. He had to be mine! December 22, 2013, we welcomed Mr. Purple into our home and our hearts. (If you’re wondering, my then two-year-old named him that because it was her favorite color at the time.)

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Pawstrology 101: How Following Pet Astrology Is Purrfect For You and Your Pet

If you’re new to astrology, you may be wondering the importance of pet astrology in your life as a pet parent. We use astrology to help us better understand ourselves, the world around us, and predict the possibility of events that can occur in the near future. Your pet is your closest confidant, that little being that’s always there for you. Wouldn’t it be neat to have a way to help gain better insight into their daily life and unlock a special tool to help you get inside that curious mind of theirs?

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How Pet Astrology Can Strengthen Your Bond With Your Pet

What is it about astrology that has the power to shape our lives? Although some naysayers may argue that astrology isn’t “real”, it seems that science actually dispels that accusation because there is, in fact, a science behind astrology.

And more so, people have been practicing astrology since the ancient times. Certainly something that long-lasting isn't just make-believe.

The purpose of astrology is to gain better understanding of ourselves and the natural world around us, by following your sign of the zodiac and the shifting planets. Most people rely on astrology to gain insight or generate expectations about future events to come–so why can’t you do the same for your pet?

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